Middlesex County
Automobile Club

Christine Poxon Celebration Fun Run

27/07/2014, 12:00-17:30


The clue is in the title, we had an afternoon of light hearted competition and exploring the Oxfordshire countryside.

Chrsitine Poxon


1                                     Tony Phillips

2                                     = Sav Johal & Andrew Williamson

4                                     Peter Cox

5                                     Joe Poxon

6                                     John Williams

7                                     = Malc Farmer & Guy Anderson

9                                     Kevin Wick

10                                   James Riley

11                                   John Wilson

12                                   John Gibson

With apologies to navigators, but the only names that we had were the entrants. Rather than put some navigators in the list, we have omitted them all.

Pete & Max



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